I absolutely enjoy taking pictures of this family, and this shoot was a walk in the park. Quite literally, we walked through Pattison State Park. Jacquelyn started off with a little reserve and hesitation, but blossomed with her smiles and personality with just a few “relaxation projects.” The trick at a public park like this is dealing with distractions. The people. The dogs. The dozens of dump trucks coming to a stop which we dubbed “truck bears” and roared with them. The majority of the pictures that we took, though, were activities- things to do- which help avoid the temptation to just stand there and be distracted, and this trio did a fab job of not only doing, but enjoying them. The images of Jacquelyn’s joy and laughter and quiet thoughts are so raw and innocent. Perhaps, though, my favorite ones are Abhi and Megan who faced the greatest distraction of the day and still pulled off these awesome moments of just laughing and enjoying each other. Way to go, you two. 🙂 Sometimes I wish I could put a whole album in a blog post for loving them all, but here are a few highlights of a walk in the park with the Devireddy family.

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