This perfect autumn day took us to the Brule River Barn with its picturesque settings… back to where Abhi and Megan said their vows. Little Jacquelyn was all eyes for the beautiful country we were in, as well. Her big brown eyes roamed all around as she took it all in. Which made playing with daddy not a very fun option… but we tried a little of this, and a little of that, and went with what baby would go with, and in the end, got a great bunch of shots from this family. Abhi and Megan were [at least came across to be!] cool and natural and enjoying the moments. Thanks for letting me capture your great, little family, Devireddy’s!

IMG_8419 IMG_8462 IMG_8464 IMG_8550 IMG_8566 IMG_8597 IMG_8610 IMG_8696

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