“He doesn’t walk or crawl,” his mother informed me in communication before this shoot. “He scoots.” No kidding! Who needs walking or crawling when you can scoot so FAST?!?! And his face just lights up when he’s doing it… tooooo cute! Dawson was pretty curious about me, and wanted mamma sticking close until he deemed me safe. So I kept a distance to begin with and he played balls with Mom while we got this angle and that angle… then Mom got too far away and we got to capture the scoot in action. 😀 After trying a couple different settings, Dawson seemed to be getting fairly frustrated with all this business. We deduced a snack break was needed, and mm-hmm. That helped. (I do want to insert here that this is the very reason I do not charge by the hour for these types of shoots. I get an idea of what is desired for the shoot and base the price off of that because if the child or baby needs a snack or break or such, I do not want the parents feeling stressed by time and not feeling the freedom to get junior refreshed and perky again!) So big brother got in on the snack action, too, and after the pick-me-up we got some of Dawson’s happiest shots. Glad to have had the opportunity to capture this little 1-year-old and all his personality. 🙂 You have one handsome little second-born, Kevin and Mandi!

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