May we talk about blessings for a moment? About God’s amazing creation. The remarkable way creatures are programmed with adaptable habits as necessary for life. The breathtaking colors He pleases us with in a sunset or the leaves of autumn. How about a spouse that makes you grateful time and time again, that they’re walking life with you. Children? Watching them grow and learn and become a little mini version of yourself? (The good, the bad, and the ugly!) What about the snapshots of memories of all of the above that warm your heart to the top in a moment? Maybe it’s friends like these… that God has brought into my family’s life… and I’m so thankful He did! I so loved taking their pictures. ^_^ I was counting my blessings and being thankful while working on this session, and your blessings may be different than these, but they’re there. And worth being counted. That’s all.

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