My first of a series of extended family shoots this summer started with the Coleman/Peters family. Soon to be a family that will be spread across the country, making holiday gatherings like this extra special and worthy of photo memories. Cute and coordinated, they were all troopers doing what we could when we could around the 5 cutest, littlest humans. Which honestly, didn’t take all that much work around. A group this big, children that little,¬†you just never know what you will need or how exactly it’ll go. We ended up over-prepared on account of it going so well. A good problem. This family gave me such great ideas on what they “do” as a family: moments they love, things grandpa or grandma are likely to be found doing with the kids. I LOVED capturing these moments. Because my family has those moments, too, and having them frozen forever is priceless to me. I’m so honored to have been able to capture the family love for this great-looking group, and pray these are memories they will cherish forever.

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