“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift from God, which is why we call it the present.”

It’s not exactly certain who originated that quote, but no matter the person, they were insightful. Cherish right now. This is the frame of mind I get myself in- I try to live in it!- in preparation for a session. “Yesterday” this family was waiting for Baby #2 to come. “Tomorrow” he will mature and grow in independence. So, what is unique about today and worth cherishing, though it may seem just normal and everyday? His helplessness and complete dependence on Dad and Mom. His discovery of all the new things. His tiny (but not so tiny!) body as curled up against Dad’s chest or his fingers curled around Mom’s thumb. Big sister’s adoration and growing into her new sibling role, learning all things gentle, quiet, and loving. A family’s “snuggle moment” that has grown from two people holding each other, to including their two precious humans nestled between them.

Since the people who gravitate to my photography are a lot like me, I aim for the shots that either I loved or I wished I had. All inclusive of what love, connection and that new, little human looks like in this gift called today! Congratulations to Cory, Cathy, and Cambre on that new little man! Colby has been blessed with a special family. Enjoy every single day!

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