This shoot was all about timing, let me tell ya. Having to reschedule due to rain (not my first time having to do that this year!) we quick decided to do the photo session as soon as the chance for rain fell off the next day. I finally had to make myself stop watching the hourly forecast online that kept changing… hourly! On the way to Superior, my windshield wipers were on spazz mode and I didn’t turn them off til I was about 10 minutes away from the destination. So, we hit Billings Park as soon as the rain quit (apparently all other Superior residents had the same idea…!). Cambre is the quiet, shy type that 50% of the time she’s having a blast it’s secretly, deep down inside to herself. These make for some stunning Precious Moments pictures, for sure! But when this little beauty graces the world with her smile it is bright and joyful. Cory and Cathy show no shortage or love and affection for their little girl, and Cambre just eats it right up! Story time, races, bubbles, puddle hopping, playground- I had a fabulous time spending an hour with this cute family. And then we dove into our vehicles as torrential downpours started again. Seriously.

IMG_6113 IMG_6174 IMG_6205 IMG_6226 IMG_6270 IMG_6370 IMG_6480 IMG_6493 IMG_6559 IMG_6612 IMG_6685

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