I got to capture little Britta at only 6 days old. She was teeny, tiny and sleepy. Well, not that she didn’t take some convincing to drift into dreamworld, but much less than I was prepared for. (I must insert a suggestion to anyone considering a newborn shoot in the future. Ultimately, baby’s sleepy factor and overall wanting to do anything other than be held by Mom is optimal for pictures within the first 10-14 days. I know this can be hard depending Mom’s recovery and doctor appointments and fatigue and adjustment, so I just put that number out there and sum it up with: Get the pictures as soon as your sanity can handle it. 🙂 Got that off my chest, and forward…) I caught some bright-eyed pictures right away, secured some slumber and snapped away from all kinds of angles, inserting the nook frequently to keep the squalls at bay. She sported Mom’s scarves so well in the dreamy whites and peach… and how PERFECT and SNUGGLY is she curled up on fur? We eked out one little lifestyle pose in the end with her wrapped in love and Mom’s arms. Life is such a breathtaking gift, and I’m honored to have been able to capture the beginning of this little girl’s. Congratulations, Matt, Lindsey, and big brothers!

IMG_1972-1 IMG_1982-2 IMG_1990-3 IMG_2007-4 IMG_2062-6 IMG_2107-7 IMG_2110-8 IMG_2134-9 IMG_2154-10 IMG_2170-11

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