The littlest princess in this group has graced my page before, so it was an honor to get the whole family together for a little fall fun in the park! This group came armed with all their cuteness… and I’m not just talking about the coordinated clothing. We got meltable smiles, fabulous interactions, and tons of action. Lexi, the big sister I just got to meet in this session, was a little reserved, but always had a great smile just under the surface… and loved the fun things we got to do all in the name of pictures. Emma, who I have a little experience with from her 1-year session, came ready to go! She enjoyed and was distracted enough with a few of the things we did, but really, her little girl heart just wanted to run. At one point as we were moving to a different location, she just took off across the lawn running in circles and giggling away. I dropped my extra gear and ran past Brandon and Molly, saying in passing, “Get comfy. I’m just going to chase toddlers for a while!” I love toddlers. LOVE.THEM. The challenge is real, but the result is so rewarding! A lot of the images Brandon and Molly are getting are unposed or slightly coaxed. In other words, a lot of natural. Some might think lifestyle pictures are “easier” or “less work.” That is occasionally the case, but let me tell you, I often get home from a shoot and melt into the couch with a cup of coffee. It takes planning and preparation and a heap of energy during the shoot… but it’s these images that make my heart sing, and I’m so thankful to have gathered a collection of clients who seem to love them as much as I do. <3 Thanks so much, Brandon and Molly, for allowing me to capture a small snippet of your family’s lives!

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