A 6-month photo shoot is just like a 1-year shoot, only completely different. I go at it with the same mentality of a 1-year shoot in creating a cute environment, providing age-appropriate things for the hands to do, and swinging with whatever the mini client wants to do. It’s completely different in that a 6-month-old and 1-year-old are at completely different levels developmentally. Coordination (or lack there of), less stability, more drool, just discovering things and figuring out how to hold things in hands.

It was so much fun to meet Victoria and her mom last week and take pictures of her little 6-month ways. I had made a mental note that she might be fascinated with her toes- try to get a playing-with-toes picture. She gave me endless (adorable!) opportunities. 🙂 Mom came armed with the cutest outfits and accessories, and Victoria came armed with all the cute baby interactions, eyes, looks, and toes- a combination that made my job oh, so much fun. The cutest part was no matter how crazy I was, Mommy knew the straightest way to the funny bone. The mommy-daughter giggles and happiness and adoration going on around me just warmed me to my toes. Thank you so much for the honor of capturing your beautiful baby, Shaunell! Soak in all those joyful baby days. 🙂

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