Baby Quinton came to my house lost in baby la-la-land, and I thought for a moment we were going to get a repeat of my last newborn shoot in which the subject was passed out the whole time. However, the unstrapping from the carseat and the pulling off of clothing proved to wake him enough to remind him that he was ravenously hungry. After he filled his little tummy, we got him in a cozy little baby wrap and started rocking to our baby music (okay, light bouncing and some shushing to the white noise), and after that it was just a matter of patience, and helping him settle into each position and avoid startling himself awake. One after another, we got all of these images of this cute little guy (who looks SO MUCH like his sister I captured 2 years ago!) with his adorable little mop of hair and big, manly hands and feet. He cuddled, curled and cozied just like newborns do and I had to try to keep my dying-of-cuteness groans to myself. (Okay, I failed a couple times).

I so enjoyed celebrating Quinton’s arrival with the capturing of one of the first days of his life. He’s wonderful, Ryan and Donna. <3 You have a beautiful family, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to take pictures for this newest one!


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