Norianna’s spot on the blog features two sessions: her fresh 48 session (pictures taken at the hospital within the first 2 days of life) and her in-home lifestyle session. Open favoritism in this double-feature for my niece. (Auntie is a little bit in love.) The first session is pretty self-explanatory: shots in the hospital that involve everything brand-new baby. Fresh for a reason- it doesn’t get much more fresh than this! We FINALLY got to see the eyes, nose, ears, fingers and toes that had been a faceless bump (to us) for the last 9 months. I snapped pictures til I couldn’t stand it anymore and got me some fresh fluff snuggles. Mmm-mmmm.

For a typical newborn shoot in my home studio, it’s nice to get the baby within the first 10 days to capitalize on all the sweet dreams and ability to get peaceful, sleeping baby shots. It’s not uncommon to also get some open eyes, but not always. So, for the in-home lifestyle, we were focusing more on newborn interactions and just the family’s new “way of life” as centered around the new little bundle. Timing for a shoot like this is better for the 2-week mark when baby is taking in surroundings, awake and interacting. This brings it’s own set of challenges, but it’s own special bonuses, too: sweet sibling kisses, sleepy stretches, kisses for Daddy and Mommy and some locked-on gazes for the photographer. I set up scenarios to capture, but the idea is to make it scenarios that are real life moments. Maybe the parents don’t normally sit on the bed and hold baby like this and look down at her with all the love like this, but I know for a fact there are very similar moments of gazing at their baby in awe. We just put it in the right light, and timed it for the right moment for the camera. Oh my heart.

So excuse this mushy post as I squeal over this natural style of newborn capture… and gush over my totes adorbs niece. Congratulations, Mike and Amanda. Your family… I love you guys. ^_^


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