For the last shoot of the year I got to meet Jack Nicholas for a few newborn shots. Since I did their family shoot earlier in the year when Jack was just a bump, we updated the family portrait and snagged a cute, relaxed “jammies” shot, as well. I realized as I was going through my 2015 photo shoots that baby girls claimed the beginning of 2015 as much as boys dominated the end. 🙂 And I think I have scored a smile with almost each one, which is CRAZY- I look at it as the baby’s little gift to me, even if they’re directing it at their mommy. No matter what Mom says about 4 young kids being busy, they sure are cute, too, don’t you think? So glad I was able to round out my year composed of mostly baby shoots with this cute, strong, smiley little Jack and his family. Happy 2016, Nick and Jackie!

IMG_0020 IMG_0034 IMG_0041 IMG_0048 IMG_0051 IMG_0070

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