Every newborn photo shoot is my favorite. My husband is super great about asking me how my photo shoots go, and every baby I get I tell him, “This is the best one yet!” While experience and education have lent themselves to improvement on my part, I feel that the biggest contributor to “each new photo shoot being the best” is that each baby is such an individual- even at this age! None- NONE!- of my newborn shoots look the same. The way baby wants to sit or be positioned, the faces they make, the way they hold their hands. They are their own little humans already. In Ember’s case, we got some sleepy smiles, some stretches and yawns (I die!!!!) and lots and lots of sleep! She was so fabulous and Dad and Mom did an equally great job, making for some images that make my heart happy. (Truth be told, I’m a little jealous of these pictures- if another baby happens in this household, we WILL be doing one like above. 😉 ) Congratulations on your little Ember, Jonathan and Emma. You look so good as parents. Your baby and your love were a joy to capture. <3

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