It was so fun to have this little family in my home a couple weeks ago. The little new addition to the family was, of course, the star of the show, and he soaked in all the glory by staying awake the whole time and showing off his impressively strong neck muscles. One of the many things I love about lifestyle photography is that it’s not a train wreck if baby doesn’t sleep. He hung out with each of his parents, he hung out with big sister, and when he was chill, he hung out by himself just looking around (the ceiling fanĀ is ALWAYS captivating to babies for some reason) and just… being a baby. And that’s what we captured: Brock at 4 weeks, being 4-week-old Brock. It’s real life with no compromise of snuggly, cute, or picture-perfect beautiful in process.

It was truly my honor to take these pictures of the beginning of Brock’s life and the love Dad, Mom, and Sister have for him. Congratulations on your handsome little man, Brandon and Cierra!

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