I just love this little girl and her energy, spunk, and personality. We’re kind of pals, actually. I’m not sure if she remembers me in between sessions, but her big heart is just ready to be friends, right away. 🙂 She is the reason I love taking “natural” pictures. If you say, “Pose,” she says, “Nice try.” Even with all the tricks and sneaky ways I have of taking pictures… this girl makes me dig further in the bag! And I love it. Because the pictures we get are HER. I don’t compromise the logistics I look for in a quality picture, but I start thinking on the fly and altering plans. I laugh as I think about what a dork I must have looked like as I hid behind a tree at the park yelling, “You can’t find me, Ava!” Only to look and see her staring at my tree while walking unhumored to the tennis courts. So, I chased her to the tennis courts and we found a puddle… naturally. And better than a hide-and-seek shot she didn’t really want, we got her being curious and exploring. This little girl will only be 2 once, and hopefully when she and her family look back on these images in 20 years, they’ll remember the carefree, spunky, determined, sparkly little girl that she is. <3

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