Little miss Ava. Outgoing. Energetic. Knows what she likes. Knows what she hates. This little peanut had me laughing for so much of this shoot! Right off from responding to my hello with outstretched arms. 🙂 So glad I was able to include her loving family for some shots, too, as they really make a great-looking group. Right when we thought we’d reached the limit, we changed scenes (and things to explore and touch!) and caught some amazing little girl curiosities in the gorgeous garden. And when we REALLY thought we were done (see adorable picture with her head thrown back in a wail) we pulled out the cake, and she was all about it. 😀 My thought as I left from enjoying this time with the Youngs on Memorial Day: How thankful I am for those that have sacrificed everything- and those left behind who still live with that sacrifice- so we can enjoy our families freely. Thanks so much, Ryan and Donna, for asking me to capture these memories of your beautiful family!

IMG_5548-1 IMG_5607-2 IMG_5703-4 IMG_5729-5 IMG_5750-6 IMG_5830-7 IMG_5867-8 IMG_5898-9 IMG_5961-10 IMG_6007-11 IMG_6059-12

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