Less than 9 months ago, this baby became a constant prayer that I brought before the Lord, pleading with Him to give my sister and brother-in-law the gift of raising him. I have seen so much lately the amazing way our bodies were made and heal, but also the fragility of life; both together showing that our lives are truly held in the hands of our Maker. So, April showers brought the revelation that this little life was healthy and A BOY!!! Now, with August the saga has ended (or should I say just begun!) as this little guy entered the world beautiful, healthy and perfect. It was such an overwhelming blessing to hold his teeny, tiny self, knowing that we begged God for the gift of this boy’s life and I was holding the answer to that prayer- and I’m only the auntie!!! Below are the pictures from his gender reveal and his first day of life in the world.

IMG_4853-1 IMG_4867-2 IMG_4876-3IMG_6230-2 IMG_6234-3 IMG_6237-4 IMG_6255-7 IMG_6253 IMG_6247-6 IMG_6242

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