Even though 99% of these pictures were of individuals, the interaction in this session was fabulous. Abby and Austin are cousins who will be graduating in the same year from the same class, and they egg each other on in the best of ways, photographically speaking. So many of these pictures make me laugh, not because either of them are laughing or inspiring a laugh… it’s because I remember the comments and guffaws that were happening as the other one was posing. This is so dear to me, because I grew up very close to my cousins, and graduated the same year as one of them, as well. The jibes, jokes, candid remarks, laughing together about a reference to some past memory, I resonate with it all. So, even though this session was for two individuals, I really hope in addition to the stunning images they worked with me to create, the added bonus is really great memories of this tradition as one more thing they shared from the last chapter of their childhood memories. Congratulations, Abby and Austin! All the best on your last year. 🙂


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